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Where your dream becomes a reality Srujan Vastu Vastu Where your dream becomes a reality

Our Services

Planning and Designing

Master planning of your project to achieve maximum utilisation of available space.


Architectural Designing

Architectural planning for all kinds of projects and buildings with advance technical expertise.


Structural Designing

Every kind of structural design & solution.


Industrial Design

We create a complete futuristic plan of industries after a detailed analysis of your needs taking care of all future growth and requirements of your industry, which can be implemented in phases as per your target.


Interior Designing

We create a comfortable and innovative internal environment to upgrade your lifestyle.



We convert open area into green spaces balancing the human needs and mother nature.


Who are We

Vastu-Srujan is an Architectural Firm based out of Gujarat that has been serving satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Work Ethics

At “Vastu-Srujan” we are crystal clear on our work ethics.

  • We do not tolerate corruption in any form or level.
  • We stay loyal to our client, to their dreams, and their budgets.
  • We treat our agencies, contractors, and staff with humility and humaneness.
  • Every project of ours takes due note of the laws, legislations, environmental and human requirements.
  • Values are more important to us than mere financial gains. We aim to be a role model for organisations setting examples for the society as a whole.

Our Clients

    Products and Services offered

    We are a reputed Project, Architecture & Engineering Consultancy providing Architectural Planning, Interior Design & Landscaping services from our office under the name “Vastu Srujan”.

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